‘You seem changed in some way, you’re all smiley’. There are many ways to interpret such words, some less appropriate than others, but clearly the difference was a noticeable one. The recent dips in temperature came with all the usual symptoms of increased need for blankets and tea as well as general aversion to stepping … More Running


Over the weekend I went on my first expedition. By expedition, I mean an organised hiking trip, but ‘expedition’ sounds far more intrepid and brave.  When asked how it was I was inclined to dismiss all the usual adjectives. They all popped to mind but felt garishly false. ‘Wonderful’ looked like a sugar-hyped five year … More Adventure


What do Virginia Woolf and Joni Mitchell have in common apart from being fabulous? The answer isn’t really a revelation, but it is nonetheless pleasing to ponder. Both artists marry green and blue in their writing as if they were painting a landscape. I have an endless gallimaufry of blue and green things and, more … More Colours

Awry Plans & Flexible Minds

I can play dress up, pretend I am the snow queen, or bake like a lizard in the heat. I am an expert chameleon but there will be no personality transplant, just new clothes. Recall your first day in nursery? You are bouncy with excitement, terrified for being left on your own for the first time, but also stuck with infantile language, little and vulnerable. What’s more, you’re 4,165.2 miles away from home. … More Awry Plans & Flexible Minds

Shaping History

The world is fluid, and I like to imagine that people adapt their views in tune with morality and justice rather than with social expectations and prejudices … It is not “modernity (that) won out over tradition”, but rather justice, the recognition of nature and a unanimous pursuit of happiness over man-made laws. … More Shaping History