All is well when welfare’s fair

We were a mixed bunch, marching with parents and new-borns drooling on their shoulders, fellow students, everyone forming human shields around those in wheelchairs and mobility scooters, protecting each other.The march reasserted the belief that the government should not fuel dichotomy amongst its citizens, but listen to and act in the interest of the nation, a duty that has thus far been neglected. … More All is well when welfare’s fair


A Mind of One’s Own

A road unravels with lashings of dust, trees rise up, fringing the narrow fields of wheat and rapeseed. Cornflowers and poppies pop up in a splash. I appear to fall into place, swoop, unscathed but startled. A light wind ruffles the sun baked grasses but stillness pervades. It is a corner of childhood memory (so … More A Mind of One’s Own